Compact Electric

Tractor (CET)

The Compact Electric Tractor (CET) offers clean, quiet power with the versatility of 4WD. It is ideal for farming, orchards, vineyards, greenhouses, golf courses and municipalities. 

Battery Pack

The 22 kWh battery pack provides a run time of 3-6 hours depending on load.

Battery Charging

The tractor can be charged in under 4 hours from a 220VAC, 30 amp outlet or 8 hours from a 110VAC,

15 amp outlet.

Battery Life

10 years pending operating cycles and depth of discharge (DOD). 3,500 cycles @ 80% DOD

Climate Smart Tractor

The CET eliminates the pollution and GHG emissions from diesel tractors. It is a vehicle that allows the user to decrease their carbon footprint and assist moving agriculture into the age of climate protection.

Implements/Rear Hitch

The CET accommodates all Category I - 540 PTO implements, including hydraulics on its rear hitch.The CET can be ordered with an optional mid PTO.


What is the availability of the CET?

Initial rollout of the Farmtrac is limited to sales in California. But please let us know of your interest in other states so we can include you in the next phase.

Will the CET have 4WD?

The CET comes with 4WD standard.

Will the CET accommodate existing implements?

The CET has a standard Category 1 three-point hitch that can lift 1600 lbs. and a 540 rpm PTO. It also has hydraulic hookups for implements that require them. 

Does the CET have different tire options?

The CET can be ordered with Ag, turf or industrial tires. The Ag option has an adjustable track for a minimum outside width of 38” or a maximum width to accommodate 30” beds. 


Is the CET suitable for steep slopes? 

The CET has a low center of gravity and 4WD and is well suited for use on steep slopes.

Can the CET be ordered with a frontend loader?

A front loader will be available on the CET starting Q2 2020.


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California, USA

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