eFarmer Electric Tractor

The 30 HP diesel-equivalent eFarmer provides unparalleled visibility and maneuverability for the next generation of row-crop farming.

4-8 hours with 28kWh battery pack, depending on loads. Additional battery packs may be added on any of the  hitches to

extend runtime.


BATTERY Charging

3 hour quick charge for one pack, or an overnight slow charge for 2 packs. 

Battery management system (BMS) automatically protects the batteries during charging and discharging.

A simple joystick controls steering and speed, which allows for easy navigation between row crops. Rates of speed are variable and controlled by joystick position.


Includes front hitch for low lift loader or reaper, mid hitch for precision cultivation tools and rear hitch that accepts all Category 1 - 540 RPM -PTO implements

3 point hitch/ implements

BASE PRICE: $49,500 


Front Loader: $1000

Exchangeable Battery Pack: $10,000


When will the eFarmer be available?

The eFarmer will available in 2021.

When will the eFarmer be available outside North America?

We expect international availability in 2021.

Does the eFarmer accommodate my existing implements?

Yes. All Category I implements can be used, with the exception of those requiring hydraulics.

What is the purpose of the mid hitch on the eFarmer?

The mid hitch holds a tool carrier used for cultivating row crops and allows complete forward visibility of the crop being cultivated. 

What can the front hitch of the eFarmer be used for?

The front hitch on the eFarmer can be used to carry a low lift loader bucket or any other front mounted implement, such as a reaper.  The front hitch is capable of lifting, moving and dumping 1,000 lbs. loads. It will be available in 2020. The loader bucket is expected to cost $1000.

Will exchangeable battery packs be available and how will they mounted?

Exchangeable battery packs will be available in the 3rd quarter of 2020. The 28 kWh packs can be mounted on the rear 3-point hitch to balance the weight of the optional front loader and extend operating time. The 28 kWh packs can also be carried on the mid or front hitch to balance the weight of heavy implements mounted on the rear hitch and extend operating time. 

Can the eFarmer be adjusted for different track width applications?

The eFarmer front and rear wheel track can be adjusted from 44” to 68” on center in 4” increments for working on beds from 30” to 48” in width.

Is the eFarmer tractor suitable for steep slopes?

The eFarmer has a standard 18” of ground clearance and is suitable for gentle slopes. It is designed for tasks requiring high clearance, primarily for row crop operations.

Why aren’t you using hydraulics for the hitches?

We are using linear actuators on the 3 hitches because  they are 20 times more efficient than hydraulics and require no toxic fluids. 

Can the eFarmer accommodate a snow blower?

Yes it can.

How long do the batteries last?

10 years pending operating cycles and depth of discharge (DOD). 3,500 cycles @ 80% DOD

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