Electric Tractor

The eUtility Electric Tractor is the ideal tractor for vineyards, equestrian centers, livestock operations, and any other utility type work.

Battery Pack

The 26 kWh onboard battery pack provides 3-6 hours of run time depending on loads.

Battery Charging

Level 2 fast charging for 80% charge in 3 hours or full charge overnight. The integrated battery management system (BMS) automatically protects the batteries during charging and discharging.

Battery LIfe

10 years pending operating cycles and depth of discharge. (3000 cycles @ 80% DOD)

Climate Smart Tractor

Zero emissions and quiet power. No more diesel fuel, engine noise, and exhaust fumes.

Implements/Rear Hitch

The eUtility accepts all Category 1 - 540 rpm PTO implements on the rear hitch. Linear actuators provide 1,000 lbs. of dynamic load and 3,000 lbs. of static loads. The actuators replace inefficient hydraulics.


What is the availability of the eUtility?

The eUtility is available now on a first to deposit basis. The cost is $45,000.

When will the tractors be available outside North America?

We expect international availability in 2020.

Do you offer a front three point hitch for the eUtility?

A front 3-point hitch option is available for $5000. The hitches use linear actuators in place of hydraulics, and are rated to lift 1,000 lbs.

Do you offer a 4WD version of the eUtility?

The eUtility is 2WD only, but we are working on a 4WD compact electric tractor (CET). We anticipate availability in 3rd quarter of 2020.

Does the eUtility accommodate my existing implements?

Yes. All Category I implements can be used on the rear hitch with the exception of those requiring hydraulics. As an added option a hydraulic pump can be installed for legacy implements that require this option.​

Are optional exchangeable battery packs available now and how are they mounted?

Exchangeable battery packs are available when the eUtility is ordered with the optional front 3-point hitch. Exchangeable packs can also be mounted on the rear 3-point hitch to balance the weight of implements mounted on the optional front 3-point hitch and extend operating time. 


Can the tractor be adjusted for narrow width applications?

We are modifying the fenders to cut the narrowest width of the tractor by 4” down to 50” overall outside to outside dimension. The price will remain the same.

Is the eUtility tractor suitable for steep slopes? 

The eUtility performs very well on low slope applications. The 18” ground clearance model is very stable on gentle slopes and is well suited for operations requiring high clearance, like row crops. The eUtility can be ordered with a 12” ground clearance option which provides a lower center of gravity making it better suited for steeper slopes. 


Can the eUtility tractor accommodate a snow blower?

Yes it can.



“Operation was excellent and streamlined. I found the tractor to be equivalent to, or an improvement

upon, my existing gasoline tractors. This tractor is a huge safety improvement not only for the

environment  but for the operator, due to air quality and being able to hear.”  Read More

 Gowan Batist
Manager and co-owner of Fortunate Farm, Caspar, Ca. 

“The best part is to be able to plug it in and get the power from the sun.  Where you would put in

$20 worth of diesel, the Solectrac requires $10 in electricity. And, because we’re producing our own

energy that brings it [cost] down even further."  Read More

Tony Neale

Wheelbarrow Farm - Ontario, Canada

"The Solectrac tractors are zero Emission and therefore are the harbingers of a potentially revolutionary change in agricultural tractor power. Testing revealed that electric motor power could be successfully delivered through the Power Take off (PTO) with adequate power for the intended use."  Read More

Roger M. Hoy
Professor and Director, Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory


California, USA

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