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The California Air Resources Board

has Incentives for Zero Emission

Technology for California Buyers.

The California FARMER Program provides incentive funds to replace agricultural equipment with the cleanest available technologies.


Eligible projects include off-road agricultural equipment, heavy-duty trucks used in agricultural operations, agricultural utility terrain vehicles (UTV), and stationary agricultural pump engines. The FARMER Program provides criteria pollutant, toxic air contaminant, and greenhouse gas emission reductions, which are necessary to help meet air quality and climate change goals.

The California Air Resources Board sets the minimum requirements for the FARMER Program, while local air districts handle the day-to-day implementation by soliciting project applications, selecting projects, and entering into contracts to fund new vehicles and equipment.

FARMER Program Website

Available Incentives:

1. The California Air Resources Board's FARMER program offers a scrap and replace program which would pay up to 80% of the acquisition of an electric tractor. Their current application window opens between May 1 and June 1, 2020. Applications are being received by the local air districts. Check with your local air district if there is a program in your area.

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Our eUtility Tractor qualifies for this category.


2. The FARMER program added a new category for Advanced Technology Demonstration Projects. Under this project local air district would develop and fund demonstration projects, with CARB approval, without requirement to scrap existing vehicles or equipment.

Find out more about the FARMER Program Additional Project Categories

Our eUtility Tractor and CET (Compact Electric Tractor) qualify for this category.


3. Modified Category for Zero-Emission Agricultural UTVs. Under this category, the applicant would receive a refund of $13,500 or 75% (whichever is less) for the purchase of an electric UTV.

Our CET (Compact Electric Tractor) qualifies for this category.

For more information about the FARMER Program

Phone: (916) 323-8967

Apply for incentives directly to your local air districts.

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