SCE Helps Farm Industry Drive Electric at World Ag Expo

Published on February 11, 2020

If Steve Heckeroth had his way, every tractor in America would be electric. Heckeroth, CEO and founder of Solectrac, a company that manufactures electric tractors, is among the exhibitors that Southern California Edison representatives are exchanging ideas with this week at World Ag Expo, a trade show for the agricultural industry held every year in Tulare. Although the agricultural industry has been slow to adopt electric vehicles, Heckeroth says he is seeing a change in the community. “Young organic farmers and vineyards are interested,” Heckeroth said, noting that these types of farmers tend to be more environmentally conscious. “They’re more progressive folks, and they want customers to view them as forward-looking and more sustainable.”

While farms may not be early adopters who are rushing to replace fleets of diesel tractors with electric ones, Heckeroth does see the potential for that conversion to happen — especially among larger vineyards that have dozens of tractors and farm thousands of acres.

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