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Solectrac Electric Tractors are the clean, quiet, zero-emission alternative to diesel tractors. Our tractors can be charged by renewable energy, like wind and solar, and provide all the power of a comparable diesel tractor.

With standard four wheel drive, the CET is a powerful and capable compact utility vehicle for any farm. Hauling, mowing, tilling, the CET is perfect for those jobs that do not require a larger tractor.

Versatile, four wheel drive power in a small package

(Shown with optional front loader and industrial tires)

All the power you expect from a diesel tractor - without the diesel

The eUtility Electric Tractor is ready for your most demanding jobs on the farm. Engine noise and diesel fumes are things of the past, you will literally breathe easier. And, when your work is done for the day, recharge the tractor with renewable energy.

Solectrac eUtility Electric Tractor

The eFarmer's unique, minimalistic design provides unparalleled visibility and control for row crop farms,

at a fraction of the cost of diesel fuel tractors.

Solectrac eFarmer Electric Tractor

(Coming Soon)