Climate-Smart Electric Tractors

Simple, Clean, Quiet Power

5 Times More  Efficient

8 Times Less Operating Cost

2000 Times


Solectrac Electric Tractors are a clean, quiet, zero-emission alternative to diesel tractors. Our Electric Tractors can be charged by renewable energy, like wind and solar, and provide all the power of a comparable diesel tractor.

The eUtility is the ideal tractor for farms, vineyards, equestrian centers, livestock operations, and other utility type work. 

• 26 kWh onboard battery packs provide 5-8 hours

of run time (depending on load)


•  Fast charge batteries provide 80% capacity in 3 hours

or full charge overnight


• Rear hitch accepts all Category 1- 540 PTO implements


• Linear actuators provide 1,000 lbs. of dynamic load and

3,000 lbs. of static load


• No diesel fuel, hydraulic fluid, engine noise,

or exhaust fumes



(Compact Electric Tractor)

The CET offers clean, quiet power with the versatility of 4WD. It is ideal

for farming, orchards, vineyards, golf courses and municipalities. 

 The CET comes with 4WD standard.

The 22 kWh battery pack provides a run time of 3-6 hours depending on load.

• The CET accommodates all Category I - 540 PTO implements, including hydraulics on its rear hitch.


The tractor can be charged in under 4 hours from a 220VAC, 30 amp outlet or 8 hours from a 110VAC,

15 amp outlet.

 The CET can be ordered with an optional mid PTO.


The eFarmer combines clean, quiet 

versatility, with high visibility for row crop farms at a fraction of the cost of diesel fuel tractors.

 A simple joystick controls steering and speed


26 kWh onboard battery pack provides 3-6 hours of run time (depending on load)

• Optional "Exchangeable Battery Packs" quickly connect to the front, mid, or rear 3 point hitches

for extended or continuous run time

• Tracks can be adjusted from 44" to 72" allowing row widths from 30" to 40"

• Rear hitch accepts all Category 1 - 540 RPM -PTO implements


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California, USA

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